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Mt. Abram High School is a small, rural 9-12 school in the Western Mountains of Maine and includes students from the towns of Phillips, Avon, Kingfield, and Strong.  Our current enrollment is approximately 213 students with approx. 49 of the students residing outside of the district. The non-resident students are from the Unorganized Territories of Madrid, Salem, and Freeman Townships; and the tuitioning towns of Eustis, Carrabassett Valley, Highland Plantation, and Coplin Plantation.  One of our largest challenges is geography as our district covers over 500 square miles and encompasses several non-district towns and unorganized territories.


Recent News

Student Led Conferences: November 15th & 16th

Parents and guardians are cordially invited to attend their high school student’s fall conference. Students have been given sign up sheets allowing parents to choose a time that works best for them. Meetings are scheduled on a first come, first choice basis, so please return your form as soon as possible. You can also click below for a printable copy of the sign up sheet.